Astrology is also…. ‘ a healing art’ , as Vogue says, if it helps us to understand ourselves and our relationships with others. It is something you either are open to, or are not. So, no need to bother with long-winded explanations as to whether it works. Either it does, or it doesn’t, for you. If not, then try something else. The funniest notion of how we simultaneously believe/don’t believe it came from Arthur C. Clarke who said, “I don’t believe in Astrology: But, that’s because I’m Sagittarian, and we’re supposed to be sceptical.”

Forget Sun Signs – that’s all just magazine sooth saying fodder. The generic advice given is good for every day. If , however, there are knots embeded deep in your personality, blocking your forward growth, then you can bet that a locked aspect such as an opposition or square might help explain it. Even worse is to have, like me, a grand cross of all the tough planets, causing me trouble. Also, to have Chiron in my Seventh or Relationships House means that is where I have a sore spot.

If you have an argument with someone, isn’t it better to know that it’s because you can never see eye to eye with that person because they are your opposite sign. I just find that sometimes helps to defuse problems.

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