Life is a Life Poster:Part 2

Visualization is the key to operating the deeper aspects of the mind. If you can’t visualize something happening then, it is still not clear in your head and it is better to wait for clarity to come before moving ahead. Once it is clear, it will begin its work to materialise. To help shape your world, and even make things happen that you never thought would happen, it is a great idea to do a Tony Buzan-style mind map, collage, image tree, spider-gram, or anything that visually represents what you hope to achieve. Often using scissors paste, magazine cuttings, crayons, pencils, pens is a great way, but for visual people just the image is enough.

I previously suggested the Life Poster as a way of building self esteem, getting in touch with your self image, and building that into the shape that you would like it to be, but it is also just good fun and therapeutic to play around with images, to observe their interplay of colour, forms, and meaning.

The Life Poster is meant to represent your ideal self. With image programmes nowadays it is getting easier all the time to create fessional results. In the previous post, I talked about how to do it on Photoshop, but even I don’t have the time to spend using it. A much easier way is to use Picasa which is free to download from Google.

Just follow these easy steps to make your own Life Poster Collage:

  1. Download Picasa from Google, if you don’t already have it on your PC.
  2. Collect jpeg pictures of yourself or of people or objects you admire or wish to have in your life.
  3. Select for colour, interest, contrast, similarity.
  4. Create a folder and give it a special name, something that resonates with what you want.
  5. Open Picasa and add the folder
  6. Select the folder and ‘hold items’
  7. Click ‘Create Collage’ from the options at the bottom of Picasa
  8. Use the settings to arrange it in Grid, Mosaic, or Scattered Photo arrangment.
  9. Click to finalise the Collage
  10. Wait for Picasa to complete the collage for you.
  11. Send it or print it out, or use it as a backdrop or wallpaper wherever you need reminding of what you most want to have in your life.
  12. Enjoy contemplating these wonderful multiple images.
  13. Observe the effects in your life.
  14. Try it on other things and see what happens.

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