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This is a spring cleaning job on the content of this blog. The archive tends to make things unwieldy, and disappear into a backwards chronology. Subjects are wide-ranging so might be hard to track.   I started this blog on the e-blogger platform in 2008, and it has come a long way since I transferred it to WordPress in this Hemingway format in 2014.

Here’s a handy roundup to what’s written on this blog, just some of the more popular articles and poems,  neatly tidied up for ease of access. You may notice that categories are organised merely for convenience and quite evidently overlap e.g. Astrology increasingly crops up in Art, Healing, and Music as  In Search of the Male Muse.  I take the view that boundaries are porous, and various disciplines clearly interlink. In some cases they should be seen synoptically – and the problem has always been that they have always been compartmentalised, so a holistic manner of thinking is the intention.

Art Heals Wounds
Art Heals Wounds Topics

ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES: Hypnosis, NLP, Energy Medicine, Mindfulness & Healing

Re Energize with Donna Eden An account of one of Donna Eden’s energy medicine London Workshops. She has to be the natural high priestess of chi, through natural talent, and understanding the bodies hidden energy networks and how to channel these for optimum health.

Hypnosis and Meditation: Are they the Same or Different? This article appeared in Yoga and Health magazine in 2011 and I think is one of the few that explains this subtle difference between meditation and hypnosis, as many people believe these states of mind are the same, but while there are similarities, there are also important differences outlined here.

Decoding the Healer’s Wound  Some revelatory ideas about the role of Chiron, the wounded healer, in our lives and the toxic effects of social shame through the work of Dr Mario Martinez who explains it all so expertly going even deeper than the work of Brene Brown. by offering specific counter behaviours to the toxic effect of shame.

How Mindfulness Can Enhance the Quality of Your Life: Ten Tips  Just what it says on the tin: Ten basic tips on how to include mindfulness into your life, with an explanation of how and why these approaches might work for you to enhance your life. Mindfulness is simply increased awareness going about our daily routines.

Imagination: the image work of Dina Glouberman An explanation of how image work can be used to influence our perspectives on life and a review of Dina Glouberman’s latest book. Glouberman skilfully distils a range of approaches from depth psychology, Gestalt, NLP, Hypnosis synthesised into an accessible method for DIY therapy.All that is required is your imagination.

Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche

Cosmos and Psyche As Above, So Below. A review of Richard Tarnas’ thorough and statistically verified master work  Cosmos and Psyche which was drawn from decades of carefully studied data that demonstrate the elegant, elaborate synchronicity between historical, cultural and political events to the movements of the planets at the archetypal level. Some of the most impressive work I’ve read in any book.

Face Reading: A Respected Divinatory Art? An account of a visit to Master Ming at Trimurtibiz, a face and palm reader in Malaysia. Face reading is not as common in the west as one might imagine, though we may unconsciously be doing it all the time.

Pareidolia: The Face of Things Unseen An explanation of that mysterious way the mind has of filling gaps where they are perceived, creating untold numbers of visions especially of faces in just about everything. It notes the connection of this phenomenon to synchronicity and divination.


The Positive in the Negative: Part 1  How to be positive while still not giving up the attachment to the negative as let’s face it, the negative is what we are most familiar with. So we don’t like to give it up. Nothing is either solely one extreme, so this shows how to yin the yang, and yang the yin as it were.

Positive in the Negative: Part 2  This takes the first exploration a bit further by showing how to extract positive energy from anxiety, depression and disappointment. Nice bit of alchemy going on here I think.

How Trauma Is Released Through Art:Roma Cieselwicz  An analysis of how art can be cathartic through a review of Roman Cieselwicz. Disturbing but memorable poster designs from  rom an exhibition at the Royal College of Art.

Zen and the Art of Being Marina   An account of the performance artist Marina Abramovic in London and the effects silence, breathing and physical discipline drawn from the contemplative traditions and Zen Buddhism in her work 512 hours at the Serpentine Gallery 2014.

In Search of the Male Muse A profound meditation upon the nature of the Muses, and what their specific inspiration means in our lives. It contemplates whether their gender is of significance and counters that the male muse is just as valid and prevalent. It examines the male versions of the muses in the arts, music and film, tracking individual muse energy, and differentiating muse energy from vampire energy and earth angels and the ‘duende’ spirits. I thought long and hard about this one and don’t think anyone else has traversed this territory to my knowledge.

How to Connect to Your Muses An adjunct to the first article In Search of the Male Muse, with easy-to-do exercises on how to track muses in your life, and how to invoke their energy. They could even be hovering quite close to you without even realising. It is designed to reconnect to multiple sources of inspiration within, recalling that ‘You Are the Muse You Seek’.



Seeing with Fresh Eyes: The Pearl That is Penang  One of the most popular articles about my trip to Penang in 2014. Not just a review of Penang as a place to visit, but a holistic reflection on what travel does for the mind, the history, culture and a particular portrait of a friend of mine, Joe Sidek who runs the Georgetown Festival there. Some of the shows are reviewed and the street art photographed.

Kaliapara Rock Puja  An account of a Puja I attended at Kaliapara Rock in Neyer Dam, Kerala, India. Kalipara is sacred spot on earth for sure, located in a national park in scenic hills.  It outlines the meditation walk getting there and experience of having one’s karma cleared by a traditional Shiva rite performed by locals, in its authentic location.

Watching SunSets  Not exactly Breatharianism, but a simple appreciation of the ability raw energy of the sun to confer healing and health.  If you are lucky enough to live on a beach that faces West, which is the whole of the West coast of India, this is easy but we are deprived of these experiences in the UK.

Doorknobs and BodyPaint: Fantastic Flash Fiction Anthology  A review of the flash fiction anthology that came out in 2009. I edit the Doorknobs short story competition on this site. Years ago I won and that was great but I have to admire the skill of those who regularly submit their work. So see the latest submission guidelines and start writing in miniature.

Healing Through Writing  The first installment of the series, that follows.  I was invited to write these for Oltre Confine magazine which was published in Italian. They outline the pen is mightier than the pill. It shows the subtle connection of writing to the immune system with James Pennebaker’s groundbreaking research.

Dear Me: The Value of a Daily Diary or Journal Journalling is a great, sometimes spiritual,  practice. I can’t recommend it enough as it helps give us a compass on the tides of life, yet is so easy and simple to do.

Narrative Medicine This demonstrates how narrative is in itself a kind of medicine that keeps us whole and how the story of an illness can become the overarching metaphor for people’s transformation.


I don’t feel inclined to write poetry much, it’s very occasional now, but in the past I was more a poet than any other kind of writer, but I still esteem its muse-like origins, where it comes from, that highly intuitive place almost beyond words.

In My Bed

Aouli Day in Larache

At Alor Setar


How Music Heals Bodies and Minds: A Waltz on the Sublime Side  An analysis of how music interacts with the energy body and  has its effects on the bodymind touching on Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and the Mozart Effect.

How to Jeepstart Your Life using Music from the Past An NLP technique revolving around a memoir of T.Rex’s Jeepster that did it for me. Yours will be uniquely your own, the first record you ever bought that takes you back to that jumpstarter energy that made you want to dance, pout or do air guitar.


Lotus Position
Lotus position

Max Strom: A Life Worth Breathing  Max Strom is a yoga teacher with a club foot, so he developed a particular style of teaching utilising the benefits of pranayama, and can be an inspiring teacher.

Doing the 30 Day Bikram Challenge.  A personal account of this would-be yogi’s attempt to do BIkram every day for 30 days, tracking the ups and downs and the final triumph.

Athlete or Yogi: the 2014 International Yoga Sports Federation Competition The IYSF annual competition up close with a  nod towards the ongoing debate on whether yoga can be also competitive yet still retain the spirit of yoga.  I volunteered at this event and got to watch the finals and some great examples of near perfect asana with Jared McCann, Zeb Homison, Gloria Suen and Chaukei S. Ngai.

Feel free to share any of the above articles on social media, bearing in mind the acknowledgement process. I hope these words are inspiring and this easy way to reference them makes them more accessible.

Let me know if so, and happy reading.

© Kieron Devlin,, March 2015

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Many thanks.

Kieron Devlin

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