Where on Earth to go? Location, Location and Astro*Carto*Graphy.

Celestial Vibes Magazine April March 2019
Celestial Vibes Magazine March April 2019

Astrologers talk much of the planets but rarely about the Earth, which is also a planet. It can be overlooked because it is right under our feet; its glyph is not so recognizable.  When we look at a natal chart, the Earth is that circle or square divided into 12 segments. It is just the frame on which to peg the planets. But astrologers, both Tropical and Sidereal, can agree at least on this point, that the default view of astrology is geocentric, and not heliocentric i.e. from the viewpoint of the sun.  This P.O.V. has to be imagined – as it might get too hot- yet the heliocentric model is adopted by Scientists and Astronomers. I prefer to see what’s happening on Earth as I have a strong wanderer archetype, not just to be a tourist, but to relocate for years and to savour the Earth’s  physical and cultural diversity. Enter  Astro*Carto*Graphy aka Relocational astrology.

Jim Lewis book
Jim Lewis’s 1997 book

Begin by listing all the cities you have ever lived in and recall how differently you felt in each one – then consider which planet might have conspired to influence that.  Knowing that Dubai or Kyoto could be your best or worst place to live before you buy the ticket makes total sense. Astro*Carto*Graphy is a trademarked system devised and pioneered by Jim Lewis.  Like Feng Shui on a global scale, it fuses astrology and geography by tracking the angles and planetary aspect lines as they wrap around the globe and works best in tandem with study of the natal chart. While others – Fagin and Bradley – before Lewis had toyed with these ideas, it was Lewis who produced the software that visualize these lines on the world map. These time/place/location coordinates radiate outwards, converging often in the mid-Arctic ocean or a Siberian wilderness. More relevant is where the lines cross of fall near cities. The potential is in locating the place that could enhance the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus energies already inherent in your chart. Famously, John Lennon’s Venus line runs through Tokyo and Yoko Ono’s through Liverpool – it can be that explicit.  

Interpreting the Lines

You can tune in to a country in three ways: by living there, travelling there, or tuning in to its culture. You may think that the Jupiter line should be lucky, or that your Venus line might flush in a new partner but if your Jupiter is square to Mars, or your Venus is inconjunct Pluto, you will get a dose of Mars and Pluto there too on those acutely sensitive points. By travelling using re-locational astrology, we may disentangle a knotty issue, even loosen up some potential, but we cannot alter the basic imprint of the  natal chart. Most people fall in line with the collective dictates of the region they were born. But what suits one may not another. One may experience a place as purely Mercurial and good for business, but another might run into snafus if their chart emphasizes that tricky aspect with Saturn. It all depends. Exploring the potential of relocation can expand your cultural perspective, but it is better not to lose sight of the obvious- that paradise you hoped for, could end up as a bum trip. Sometimes, we project repressed and unlived energies on to a place outside ourselves, and wherever you go – there you are, warts and all. It could even ‘mess up your life’ according to Moses Siregar.

So be careful what you wish for. On the other hand, the information Astro*carto*graphy provides can mitigate the worst of being born in a place that was totally wrong for you- and the oyster of the world opens up. Recently, I went to the Canaries to enjoy the fruits of my Venus Line, but nothing of a romantic nature happened. But I did notice a preponderance of lovers swanning about holding hands, frolicking in the sea, and beaming good will to their partners across restaurant tables. This was guaranteed to make any singleton feel excluded and ‘extra’ single. What I overlooked was that Venus is conjunct my Saturn. In any case, the line was not exact, off by a few hundred miles, so more miss than hit. friend from Venezuela ACG map

A friend of mine has lived in London for years but on a recent visit to Berlin, he decided he wanted to live there instead. It would shift his Ascendant from 25 Virgo to 0 degrees Libra, with Venus in the 4th. This would be a minor but significant move from London on a Saturn line, where he works hard, to Berlin on a Moon line, where he might experience life more sensitively and feel more nurtured. He regularly visits Barcelona, where there are no major lines at all, but Jupiter, Mercury and Pluto lines fall across or near his home country of Venezuela where he does not wish to return.  

Relocating for your Solar Return

The idea of relocating temporarily on the day of your solar return is also becoming popular. This last birthday, I decided to be at Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia which is close to a spiritually-inclined Neptune line. The relocated chart in Siam Reap places the Mercury on the Ascendant and Jupiter on the Descendant. It was an experience that tapped in to some serious Buddhist temple energies that hopefully will get me through 2019. The chart however is no perfect picture; there are some squares and therefore challenges ahead. Some disagree with this trend saying that when you return home, the solar return chart resumes from where you live, but it could still enhance the year because the act of being at Angkor Wat was as intentional as it was astrological. Linking astrology to places on earth is exciting and important work that can change people’s lives. It was voted by Charles Carter and Michael Harding as one of the three major innovations in the astrological world in the late 20th century. Today, more people than ever can tap in to their inner Sagittarian, travelling more widely and frequently. Some millennials, not yet 25, have done more travelling than I have in 40 years. So whether for love, money or career the astrology of location is the precision tool to have in your backpack. It divines your psychogeography, locating places more aligned with what your chart reveals about you.  As long as you do not mind triggering some old complexes, you can perhaps travel more wisely and well.  

© Kieron Devlin, 2019 originally published in the March-April, Anniversary issue of Celestial Vibes (2019) ed. Aswin Balaj


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